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Unlocking successful board orientation
Are you interested in creating an engaging and thorough orientation process for your new board members? Looking to cultivate a high-performing board? Join presenters Rebekah Basinger and Rod Wilson as they discuss the key elements for a successful orientation.
What then shall we do? Financial challenges in a time of institutional and educational change
​Theological schools are experiencing unprecedented institutional and educational change and financial challenges. Boards and administrators must lead with conviction and resolve to ensure the missional viability and vitality of the institution. This webinar will provide an environmental scan of theological education in North America, identify the most significant contributing factors that lead to financial stress in theological schools, and offer solutions for consideration by school leaders.​​
Assessing institutional culture: How traditions, values, behaviors, and attitudes influence your school
How do you see your institution's culture? For presidents, board members, and institutional effectiveness officers, understanding how staff, faculty, and administration experience an institution's culture — its traditions, values, behaviors, and attitudes —can be a critical topic. Why? Because culture affects performance, engagement, retention, and satisfaction, all of which reflect on the student experience.
Building your brand
Building a brand for your institution is a complex task that often requires a number of stakeholders and a significant amount of time. And with institutions facing increasing competition and economic pressures, the task becomes even more challenging.
The business of education: How one school leveraged online learning (and how you can, too!)
Are you currently offering online certificate or degree programs? Wondering whether to start one or to expand current offerings in order to increase enrollment and generate more revenue? Join presenter Sebastian Mahfood, vice president of external affairs at Holy Apostles College and Seminary to learn how his school began generating over $2 million a year from online certificate and degree programs.
Sitting Beside Rather Than Standing Over: A Guide to Presidential Assessment
The work of presidents in higher education has become more complex and demanding, and governing boards are being asked to work with presidents to make both the president and the institution more productive, effective, and accountable. Is the future of your institution at the center of your presidential assessment process? Join presenter Larry Braskamp as he shares his cooperative approach to assessment and outlines nine critical activities to include in the presidential development process.
Strategic leadership: How to develop a mission-driven strategic plan
Are you currently undergoing strategic planning at your institution? Wondering if you need a strategic plan? Join presenter Carol Marturano-Becker, president of IMPACT Learning Inc., as she shares how to make strategic planning functional and practical for your institution.
Writing for the Mass Media
Seminary leaders often are expected to write articles, columns, opinion pieces, blogs and tweets for publications that reach far beyond the campus community and past the people in the pews. Join presenters David Sumner and Holly Miller as they focus on the basics of writing for the mass media, including achieving clarity, simplicity, unity and focus. They will offer practical tips to make your writing lively and relevant to readers. The goal—above all—is to learn to avoid creating copy that readers label as “BORING.”
Succession planning: Building a culture of leadership continuity
​The sudden departure of a key leader can threaten your school’s mission. But it can also be an opportunity for growth if you have nurtured a culture of leadership continuity.
A culture of generosity
Do you have an inclusive culture of diversity? As advancement strategists, we are called to eliminate a one-size-fits-all fundraising model, but that may require radical changes in how we understand philanthropy and transformative gifts. Join presenter Aimée Laramore to learn about Black Philanthropy Month and how to align vision and philanthropy for a more diverse group of givers. This webinar is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about developing a commitment to generosity, inclusiveness, donor values, and gratitude.
A five-year B.A./M.Div? How 19 schools are rethinking pastoral preparation
Are you interested in learning about how a five-year bachelor of arts/master of divinity program can benefit your students? Join us for this free educational event generously sponsored by the Kern Family Foundation. Presenters Josh Good (Kern Family Foundation), David Dockery (Trinity International University), John Mark Yeats (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), and Mark Belokonny (Multnomah University) will discuss the opportunities and challenges of administering this five-year pastoral degree program. This webinar is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about this program and its impact for future pastors and the theological community.
Measuring effectiveness: Evaluation strategies for online learning programs
Generational, social, and economic drivers are prompting more administrators and faculty to offer online and hybrid programs. Just as online courses require more thorough planning than traditional face-to- face courses, they also demand a more systematic approach to evaluation. Join presenter Roxanne Russell, Director of Online learning at Candler School of Theology, Emory University, as she shares the design, experiences, survey feedback, and learning analytics from Candler’s first full cycle of its online Doctor of Ministry program.
Do you understand theological school finances?
Before you think, that's someone else's job, think again. As a stakeholder, board member, administrator, or faculty member, understanding your school’s finances is critical to the mission of your school. This webinar will be especially useful to the non-financial trustee, faculty member, or administrator. Join presenter Anthony Ruger as he focuses on the concept of economic equilibrium and why this concept should be important to you.
Dashboards: What’s on yours?
Do you have a dashboard? Use it well! Dashboards, strategic indicators, benchmarks, and scorecards are important ingredients of your institution's health. Be sure you know their value and how to get the most out of them! The In Trust Center is pleased to present this webinar in collaboration with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Auburn Center for the Study of Theological Education. Presenters Robert Landrebe, Chris Meinzer, and Anthony Ruger discuss how to develop an ideal dashboard for your institution. What should a good dashboard include? Who determines what is included? How often should it be viewed? And who is the target audience?
Transformational philanthropy: Are you exploring the intersection of faith & giving?
Do you find yourself measuring dollars without measuring impact? Are you struggling to achieve a mindset that elevates transformation over transactions? Join presenter Aimée Laramore for a discussion on the spirituality of fundraising and the importance of creating a culture of generosity in your institution. This webinar is ideal for any stakeholder interested in deepening their understanding of fundraising.
Transition Planning
How can your school be prepared for anticipated or emergency transition in the president's office? How can the succession of board leadership and administrative officers be synchronized to maintain the school during transitions? How can a leadership succession become an opportunity to take the mission of your school to new levels of effectiveness? How can outgoing leaders serve the school's mission and renew their own vitality when the mantle of leadership has been passed? Join In Trust Governance Mentors George Brushaber and David Tiede as they explore the essentials of a good transition plan focusing on the inclusion of all key stakeholders, the basics of the search and selection process, and enhancing the inaugural year of new leadership.
The President and Board Chair Relationship
Rebekah Birch Basinger and Dr. Paul J. Dovre discuss the importance of the president and board chair relationship. What are the characteristics of a thriving relationship? What is a model for building and sustaining effective communication between the president and board chair? What are the contours of their shared work and the boundaries that should be respected? Is there a template agenda to which the president and board chair should attend? These questions and more will be answered during this one hour webinar.
Social media in good times...and bad
Join In Trust publisher Jay Blossom as he offers strategies for getting your message out in "normal" times and staying on point when things are not so normal. He'll be joined by Leanne Van Dyk, president of Columbia Theological Seminary, who will share how her school used social media to communicate transparently during her predecessor's terminal illness, and how she's using new media now to engage constituents and get her seminary's message out.
The priority of governance in really tough times
Presenter Barbara Wheeler will: •Review the major financial and enrollment challenges that threaten the strength and even survival of many theological schools •Report findings of the governance study about the fitness of boards and other governors to meet those challenges •Outline concrete steps that chief executives and governors can take to strengthen their relationship and their schools. Daniel Aleshire, Executive Director of the Association of Theological Schools will provide a response and commentary.
Board orientation: Include the right ingredients
Has your school recently elected new board members? Have you been tasked with developing the orientation process, or need an orientation refresher? A well-organized orientation program will lay the foundation for successful school leadership and give new board members the tools they need to become informed decision makers. Join presenters Rebekah Basinger and William Myers as they outline the essential elements of board orientation. This webinar is ideal for presidents, administrators, and new and existing board members interested in deepening their role.
Considering partnership? What questions do you have?
What is important for the president and board to know before, during, and post-partnership? How can institutions avoid common pitfalls? Join Richard (Tom) Ingram, president emeritus of the Association of Governing Boards, and Richard Staisloff, principal of rpk Group, as they answer your questions about mergers, alliances, and other higher-ed partnerships. Ask your own questions in advance and they’ll become the basis of the webinar. If you are considering a partnership, you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to engage confidentially with experts.
Pathways to seminary
Barbara Wheeler and Anthony Ruger discuss their research on seminary enrollment and the paths students take to seminary. They focus on factors associated with enrollment decline and on the findings of Auburn Center research about how good students make the decision to attend a theological school. Commentary by Daniel Aleshire of the Association of Theological Schools.
Shared governance: Road block or fast track?
Rebekah Basinger and Paul Dovre explore the topic of shared governance. Good communication and group participation sound good, but can shared governance get in the way? How can true shared governance be an asset in times of rapid change? How does it work when a quick decision is needed? Who is getting it right and how it can work better at your school?
Critical components of online learning
How do you engage students via online learning? Are you exploring potential learning management systems? Interested in learning more about pedagogically sound online course design? If yes, join Roxanne Russell, online instructional designer at Candler School of Theology, as she explores the critical components of online learning and answers your questions. This webinar is applicable to participants in all stages of online learning program development and implementation.
Understanding your role in fundraising
It takes a team -- board members, administrators, and faculty -- working together to raise funds in support of a vibrant theological school. But what should you know about fundraising, and what can you do to ensure your school's fundraising success? Join presenters Wendy Deichmann, president of United Theological Seminary, Greg Henson, president of Sioux Falls Seminary, and Rebekah Burch Basinger, consultant on fundraising and board education, as they describe what you can do to help improve the development process at your school.
Social media and institutional conflict
Join presenter Jay Blossom, publisher of In Trust magazine, as he offers strategies for improving both “broadcast” and “social” communication. And learn from Rick Barger, president of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, as he shares how he has been strengthening alumni and church relations through social media, building his annual giving to new heights. You'll take away extensive resources that can help you to develop and implement a stronger social media presence -- and prepare you for conflicts and social media firestorms that can distract or even threaten to knock your school off course.
Online course design
Is your school looking to offer more and better online learning flexibility to your students? Are you familiar with best practices and strategies in online course design to best serve the needs of your faculty and students? Successful online course design requires ecological thinking, working back and forth between the intricacies of faculty presence, content curiosities, creative presentation, technological capabilities, and student expectations. Join presenter Roxanne Russell, Director of Online Learning, Candler School of Theology, Emory University as she shares design strategies and lessons learned after the first year launch of Candler's online Doctor of Ministry program.
Leadership & change: Riding in the right direction
How do you identify and deal with a crisis? Will fundraising save a seminary? Join presenters David McAllister-Wilson, president of Wesley Theological Seminary, and G. Douglass Lewis, president emeritus, as they answer these questions and share the valuable lessons they’ve learned in 35 years of leadership. Things are different now than they used to be, but lessons from the past are still crucial. All registrants will receive a free copy of G. Douglass Lewis’ book, Leadership and Change: A President’s Story.