Understanding your role in fundraising

Recorded On: 02/18/2015

It takes a team -- board members, administrators, and faculty -- working together to raise funds in support of a vibrant theological school. But what should you know about fundraising, and what can you do to ensure your school's fundraising success? Join presenters Wendy Deichmann, Greg Henson, and Rebekah Basinger, as they describe what you can do to help improve the development process at your school.

Wendy Deichmann

President of United Theological Seminary

Wendy Deichmann is president of United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. She is a member of the faculty, teaching and researching in the areas of the history of Christianity, American religious history, women in the history of Christianity, historical theology, and Wesleyan/United Methodist studies. In December 2014, Wendy presented on the topic of fundraising at the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) New Presidents' Seminar.

Greg Henson

President of Sioux Falls Seminary

Greg Henson is president of Sioux Falls Seminary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Through consulting with ATS and in his former position as VP of institutional advancement at Northern Seminary, Greg developed a passion for raising money for the good of the church. Greg has written several articles for In Trust magazine on giving and generosity. His most recent, "Interpreting the Entering Student Questionnaire," appears in In Trust's New Year 2015 issue.

Rebekah Burch Basinger

Fundraising and Board Development Consultant

Ms. Burch Basinger is an independent consultant for board development and fundraising who has worked closely with the Association of Boards in Theological Education for more than 25 years. Rebekah’s consulting practice has been enriched by her experiences on the boards of numerous organizations.

A regular contributor to In Trust magazine, Rebekah has written numerous articles on fundraising and board life. In addition, she is the coauthor with Thomas Jeavons of Growing Givers' Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry (Jossey-Bass, 2001) and is the lead author of "The President's Role in Institutional Advancement" in the ATS Handbook for Seminary Presidents.

Rebekah received a B.A. in English from Trinity College in Illinois, an M.A. in English from Wichita State University, and a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies from Temple University. She blogs at www.generousmatters.com.

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