Sitting Beside Rather Than Standing Over: A Guide to Presidential Assessment

Recorded On: 11/15/2017

The work of presidents in higher education has become more complex and demanding, and governing boards are being asked to work with presidents to make both the president and the institution more productive, effective, and accountable.  Is the future of your institution at the center of your presidential assessment process? Join presenter Larry Braskamp as he shares his cooperative approach to assessment and outlines nine critical activities to include in the presidential development process. A copy of Sitting Beside: Developmental Assessment of Presidents of Academic Institutions, a Guide is available at

Larry A. Braskamp

Expert Speaker

For the past five decades, Dr. Larry A. Braskamp has been engaged in studying and practicing in the field of assessment. He has written books and numerous articles on assessment in higher education and has been a user of assessment as a Dean of two colleges, Vice President, Interim Chief Executive and Executive Director. He has served on a number of Governing Boards in higher education, nonprofit organizations, and churches, and has served on Human Resources Committees. Throughout his career Dr. Braskamp has been highly committed to making assessment useful, especially to further the growth and development of those being assessed for their leadership effectiveness.   

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