Frequently asked questions

How do I register for webinars?

In order to register for webinars, you need to create an account for yourself or the person for whom you are registering.

If you are an In Trust Center member, simply log in with the same email and password you use on the In Trust Center website. If you do not know your password, click on login and then use the forgot your username or password link to reset it.

If you are not an In Trust Center member, or do not have an account with us, please click on "member login" to create an account. 

How do I create an account?

An account can be created by clicking on the "Login" button and selecting "Create My Account". You will need to enter your name, email address, address, title and company before choosing your password. Please remember your password as you will need that to log into the site.

I am a member but do not have an account on the site, what should I do?

Please email Ann Marie Glanden at or call (302) 654-7770 for assistance if you are a member that is not being recognized on the site.

How do I complete my profile?

Select "profile" from the menu bar. Review and update your basic profile information and rate the interest categories on a scale of 0 - 5 with (0) = low level of interest and (5) = high level of interest. Select the green "save" button at the bottom of your screen.

How do I pay?

Payment must be made with a credit card. If you experience a problem with registration, please contact Ann Marie Glanden at or call (302) 654-7770 for assistance.

Is the cost per school or per person?

The cost is per site location, with a site defined as a pc or laptop. 

Can you check to see if this person registered?

Yes. A staff person would be happy to check registration information for you.

What if I lose my login information?

If you lose your login information, simply contact us at (302) 654-7770, and we can send you an email to help you reset your password.

How do I get webinars recommended to me?

Recommendations are based on the interest categories you selected in your profile. For more accurate results, please update your profile.

What if I need more information on a webinar?

Click on a webinar title to find detailed information, such as program description, content, presenter(s), and pricing. If you need more information contact Ann Marie Glanden at or (302) 654-7770.

How do I download the handouts for the webinar?

The handouts will be posted to the webinar page in the contents tab one day before the webinar. You can also access the handouts through your dashboard.

How do I log in to the live webinar?

Log in to the website. From your dashboard, click on the product title and then click the “View Live Webinar" button to launch the program.  You may log in to the webinar up to 15 minutes before the session begins. 

Are the webinars recorded? How can I access a webinar after the live event?

Yes, all webinars are recorded and become available one business day after the live event. To watch a webinar recording, go to your dashboard, click on the product title and then click the “View Webinar" button to launch the recording.

How do I purchase an on-demand webinar?

Webinars are recorded and can be purchased and downloaded any time after the live event. Visit the "Catalog" or "On demand webinars" page for the full listing. 

I am experiencing technical difficulties. What do I do?

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties related to audio, visual, or access before or during a live webinar, please send the details of the problem to If you are having trouble accessing the on-demand recording, please contact Ann Marie Glanden at or (302) 654-7770.